Soundworks Adds Vi4’s

May 2011

We are going digital and loving it! We just took our Soundcraft Vi4’s out to their first big event at The X Chili-Cookoff, and it was a huge success. The full write-up can be found on Soundcraft’s site.

Turbosound: FIR Filters Improve Performance

April 2011

An interesting article just out on Turbosound’s website discusses their new FIR filters. Of course, Steve was able to get a comment in! Be sure to read it.

Turbosound Backs Taking Back Sunday

February 2010

Soundworks partners with fellow Turbosound company, Southard Audio, to meet the needs of  Taking Back Sunday, All-American Rejects and Anberlin at Washington DC’s Patriot Center.. Take a look.

Cheering for Turbosound

January 2010

During our “slow” winter months we travel all over the US – from Florida to Massachusetts to Tennessee to California and more – providing audio support for the nationally popular Cheer Sport competitions. Go team!  Here’s the sccop.

Flex Array hits the US

April 2008

Soundworks was privileged to demo Turbosound’s new Flex Array on its first tour through the US. Read the full article at ZioGiorgio.