Soundworks Of Va Continues 40-Year Investment In Soundcraft

Soundworks of Virginia has come a long way since 1976 when its founder was loading up his Ford E350 van with a Soundcraft Series 1S console… continue reading

Sparc: Live Art: Tree of Life

January 2014

Truly one of the most inspiring and humbling events we have ever had the privilege of doing. Read how Soundcraft’s Vi4 consoles helped with this challenging event.

Rosanne Cash in Williamsburg

February 2013

We were lucky to be part of an amazing performance this weekend with Rosanne Cash in Williamsburg, VA.  Of course, towards the end of the show when Rosanne commented “This is the best-sounding ballroom I’ve ever heard.” We were glad to take at least a little credit!… Read the review.

Richmond Folk Festival

November 2012

7 stages;  200,000 people;  all Turbosound!  Get the details here.

True Blue in Virginia

January 2012

Soundworks has been a long time supporter and partner of Turbosound, so of course we are very pleased to be featured in an article on Turbosound’s web site. Check it out for a great story on the history of Soundworks.